The Pickled Princess…Foster-er of Lost Things

I closed my Etsy Shop, The Pickled Princess last year. It was bittersweet but unaware the “Novel Coronavirus Pandemic” would soon be changing all our lives it proved to be a timely decision. The shop is gone but the Instagram page remains as a reminder of many of the fun lost things I re-homed over the years. If you’d like to have a look you can search for @thepickledprincess over on Instagram.

I LOVE thrifting, antiquing, rummage sale walking, and I especially enjoy an estate sale. In an occasionally unsuccessful effort to not become a hoarder I started The Pickled Princess. It was a good excuse to spend hours enjoying one of my favorite hobbies. I quickly collected (and as previously alluded to, hoarded) loads of what I like to call lost things & gave myself the moniker, “Foster-er of Lost things,” because it sounds nicer than, hoarder. After all I was finding them very good homes.

I have re-homed so many precious lost things but maintain a mostly manageable collection of my favorites. Among these favorites include vintage children’s books. Oh so many vintage children’s books. I love everything about them. The slowness, the illustrations, the typesets, and their fragile pages.

Thanks for stopping by my first blog post here. Please tell me if there is something you enjoy collecting, I’d love to hear about it!

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